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Acoustic Glass

Glass Solutions For Noise Reduction

Mercury Glass use Acoustic products that incorporate Eastman’s Saflex® Q series advanced acoustic interlayer for architectural glazing applications. This multi-layer product was designed with improved handling and processability in mind. The product allows laminators to manufacture and process glass laminates with enhanced acoustical properties compared to laminates made with standard polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

As a general rule, increasing mass will improve sound insulation. Materials such as brick and concrete have stronger sound insulating values when compared to glass, but then, unlike glass, you can’t see through them. To provide natural daylight and to enhance the buildings look and appeal, the need for greater sound control when using glass becomes important. Laminated glass using specially formulated interlayers, such as QS41 are very effective in reducing noise.

Where acoustic requirements have to be met, the project specification will have considered the frequency and intensity of the sound, building construction and materials, noise corridor regulations and any specialised acoustic requirements. Glass is just one of many components in a building and the noise reduction values presented on technical info page are for glass only. Window and door manufacturers test their products as a whole component – window frame and glass combined. It is best to consult the window supplier for this information.





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