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Energy Efficient Glass

The only thing predictable about the weather is that it can and will exert an impact on your comfort and lifestyle. When it comes to battling the weather, the use of Insulated Glass Units / double glazing and low-e glass is both energy efficient as well as cost effective.

Remember, glazing impacts on a building through its thermal performance whether it is through the size and location of windows, the type of shading surrounding the building or the types of glass used in the building.

Energy-efficient glazing is the term used to describe higher performing types of glass such as Low e glasses used in monolithic, laminated or IGU applications in modern windows in homes. Unlike the original single glazing clear and tinted glasses, energy-efficient glazing incorporates coated (low-emissivity – Low e) glass to prevent heat escaping through the windows or reduce the amount of heat that gets absorbed into the home during the day. This makes the windows highly thermally insulating hence improving the energy efficiency of your home and helping to save money on your energy bills.

Low-emissivity glass (or low-e glass as it is commonly referred to) is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to help keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside, in moderate to warm climates. Similarly, it helps prevent heat escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors, in cooler to cold climate.





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