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Residential Glass

Mercury Glass provides a variety of glass for incorporation into the residential home market, addressing requirements in areas such as safety, energy, acoustic and decorative for both external and internal applications in the home.

Choosing the right type of glass at the design stage is important to avoid costly changes in the future. it’s not just about aesthetics, the tone and transparency of your glass impacts the amount of heat entering your home, controls glare, and creates spaces open to natural light.

You may want the windows in your home to keep out heat, noise, intruders, and damaging UV light and to select a glass appearance / colour to suit the style of your home. Internally you may want add designer touches with frameless shower screens, robe doors, balustrades and incorporate custom painted glass panels into areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Mercury Glass can supply products that will assist in making a home more comfortable, safe and peaceful as well as adding some creative flair in all the areas you choose.

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Mercury Glass

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