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Decorative Glass

The look and feel of your home can be enhanced and you’re create flair and imagination can be catered for with the additional of Decorative Products from the Mercury Glass range

Painted Glass

Through light we see colour. Visible through the human eye, colour spectrums illuminate our lives and spaces every day. Mercury Glass can cut, process and paint glass for wall treatments such as splashbacks, shower walls, feature walls and furniture. By incorporating solid colour into spaces, we can enhance moods and experiences, accented by the light.

Aid Etch

Our Acid Etch allows designers to create spaces that are both connected with the outside world and independent from it, letting in the light whilst keeping what’s inside private. Striking a perfect balance between allowing natural light in and making your room a private retreat. The translucent satin matte finish is well suited to modern contemporary design and provides a practical solution for a range of internal and external applications. Acid Etch is a high quality translucent glass that diffuses light to provide natural illumination whilst still maintaining privacy.

Copper Free Mirror Glass

The play of light in spaces is enhanced by the surface of glass itself. By using reflection, we are able to bounce, direct and return light in environments, enhancing the places in which we live, work and play.

Mercury Glass mirror is a high quality copper free silver mirror produced by a world class manufacturer to the strictest and highest standards. Internationally recognised for its superior quality and enhanced durability.

Mercury Glass have the mirror glass you need for your projects, whether you are looking to take stock sheets to process yourself or require a fully cut and processed product – we have you covered.  We carry various thickness and sheets sizes in both straight mirror back in clear and tints as well as Grade A safety back mirror.


Much like Acid Etch glass Mercury Glass Translucent laminate ensures your private spaces stay that way – allowing privacy to those of us who like a little bit of alone time every now and then. Its smooth and stylish frosted appearance is durable, reliable and designed to secure your privacy. Manufactured with a translucent PVB interlayer means you can keep your space all to yourself – without ever feeling exposed. Being a Grade A laminated safety glass, it will remain in place if an unfortunate breakage occurs, which also makes it suitable for applications where added peace of mind through security is required. Laminate has another additional benefit in that offers improved level of noise reduction compared to ordinary glass – so you can enjoy more peace and quiet in your space.





Mercury Glass

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