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Insulated Glass Units (IGU)

When energy efficiency is an integral component of the project specification, let Mercury Glass find an insulated glass unit (IGU) solution to suit. IGU’s provide energy efficiency, acoustic protection, and comfort through all seasons.

Glass technology and performance has advanced considerably over time, allowing it to significantly contribute to improved energy efficiency in buildings, proving a positive reduction in operating costs, whilst increasing the comfort levels for occupants.

Temperatures vary considerably between day and night, and from season to season. The greater the temperature difference between inside and outside, the greater the heat flow. Heat travels relatively easily through ordinary glass. In winter from inside to outside and in summer from outside towards the cooler air inside, this process can be slowed with the inclusion of IGU’s into the glazing system.

Double Glazing is the incorporation of Insulated Glass Units into glazing systems such as facades, window walls, window and doors.  IGU’s are an established approach to improving the thermal insulation performance in buildings. IGU’s / Double glazing can be used in both cool climates as well as warm climates – providing improved comfort and more efficient use of energy. IGU’s can be built to order to address specific project performance requirements (thermal, light, acoustic and decorative etc) using clear, toned, high performance, low e, laminated or toughened glass and with spacer bars of varying widths.





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